road atlas
The Road atlases are nothing but an atlas having set of Maps in which more important is given on road connectivity, with its approximate distances with important locations, useful to truck drivers and for those who have fashion in self driving. It is available as a book for entire India, state wise, each page will have one state, and road atlases are also available for various States of India, these state road atlases will have each page consisting of one District of respective states and a brief write up about the district such as important tourist places etc…

Maps Pages Size
(in inches)
1 Zonal Road Atlas of India 120 7¼ x 9½
2 New TTK Road Atlas of India - English 80 7¼ x 9½
3 New TTK Road Atlas of India - Hindi 80 7¼ x 9½
4 TTK Road Atlas of Andhra Pradesh 48 7¼ x 9½
5 TTK Road Atlas of Gujarat 56 7¼ x 9½
6 TTK Road Atlas of Karnataka 48 7¼ x 9½
7 TTK Road Atlas of Kerala 48 7¼ x 9½
8 TTK Road Atlas of Maharashtra 56 7¼ x 9½
9 TTK Road Atlas of Tamil Nadu 56 7¼ x 9½









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